Weekend French in France


Beginners/ Elementary Weekend


"1st class course. Great fun - very relaxed but much ground covered. Benefited from the small class - no place to hide! Thanks to your good self and to your family. I look forward to further progress." (Mr K, from Ireland).


"Very professionally run course. Would love to do it every week. Would recommend it to my friends and family." (Mrs G, from London).


“Really enjoyed the weekend, would definitely come back. I surprised myself with what I have learned and look forward to using French at work and in the future. You are a very friendly and welcoming family and thanks for letting me cook!  I enjoyed the market activity and it made more confident in talking to real French people" (Miss S, from Kent)


"Cathy is very informative and helpful during the lessons. The lessons are conducted in a very pleasant atmosphere. The market activity was a good idea to build confidence and communication with real people in real situations, enabling us to assess how we are progressing. The final extra day was very worthwhile. Thank you" (Mr W, from Yorkshire)


"Lovely setting, very warm and welcoming. Tuition superb; I've learned lots of new ways of saying things. I think I understand much more and had lots of 'stuff' that's tucked away in my memory - refreshed. Thank you. (Mrs A, from Kent)


"I enjoyed going to the market. I was nervous at first but great once it got going. It helped with my confidence and it was fun. It was also fascinating to look at all the produce. (Mrs A, from Kent)


"It was very helpful for me and I know it will be beneficial for my future learning with French. I am very pleased to have come on the course, a very good experience. (Mrs. L. from Glos)



Intermediate Weekend


"I just want to thank you so much for the fantastic time I had over that lovely weekend when I stayed with you. You were so kind and boosted my confidence so much. You know exactly how to bring the best out of people and you made it so interesting - a perfect teacher as far as I am concerned! I enjoyed every minute of the experience and definitely want to repeat it next year. The course has motivated me so much that I am thinking of doing an Open University course. Please send my regards to Marie, that wonderful woman I had the one-to-one with"  (M., from York).


"Our lessons were interesting and I enjoyed the listening, speaking and different activities we did. Cathy made me feel relaxed and created a positive atmosphere in the classroom. The food was excellent, thanks for all the delicious home cooking!" (L., from Oxford).


"I have really enjoyed the course, especially having the opportunity to speak so much French. Cathy is very friendly and supportive and it is a lovely atmosphere where you feel you are able to 'have a try'. Thoroughly enjoyed my time. Good mix of activities." (A., from Bucks).


"I enjoyed the course which illuminated the gaps in my understanding. I feel encouraged to work more on the language. My hosts were considerate and hospitable and I enjoyed the social aspects of the weekend. It provided an informal and unthreatening environment for learning."  


"The one-to-one activity made the course a more interesting and challenging experience. I was nervous beforehand, but the people were very friendly and helpful and had been well prepared for such an encounter. I don't know any other course which offers this." (Mrs O, from Surrey)


"I feel much more confident with speaking and I think my listening skills have improved. Thank you for a fantastic weekend and for being so welcoming as a family" (Mrs L, from Kent)


"An enjoyable and thought provoking weekend in a delightful location." (Mr and Mrs H, from Sufolk)


“Thank you so much for such a positive experience and for all your encouragement and patience. Thank you also, Cathy and Howard, for the lovely lunches, tea and coffee and for arranging places for us to eat in the evening. It has been a most enjoyable experience. The course was well managed, met all my expectations and I feel that I have benefited from it"  (Mrs C, from Worcester)


"The opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation with a local resident was extremely enjoyable and a real boost to my confidence.  We covered a wide range of topics from family and occupations, hobbies, local amenities, medical matters to gardening and compost heaps!" (Mrs C, from Worcester)


"A very friendly and welcoming environment, with relaxed classes which were both fun and beneficial.  The chance to mingle with local people was an added bonus.  Excellent value and I'm sure my French improved!  The course improved my confidence and revived some vocabulary and grammar which hadn't been used for many years! See you again one day? (Mrs H, from Wales).


"I thought that the course was very good and we were extremely well looked after" (Mrs O, from Yorkshire)



GCSE Revision 


"The one-to-one activity was very useful and broke the fear barrier. It was the hardest part, but very rewarding. Thank you for meal after meal and all of your help" (D from Dublin).


Did not expect it to be so good. Helped my French a lot. Lots to talk about. Very good oral GCSE practice, under pressure. I would do it again!! Gained confidence. Won't forget what I've learnt." (GCSE student from Kent)


"Was an exceptional course, greatly improved my skills in the language and helped me gain confidence in my linguistic skills.  Very friendly, helpful family. I wont forget any of what was taught over the weekend." (GCSE student from Kent).





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