Weekend French in France


Course Structure



All our courses can be delivered over a two and a half day weekend, (15 hours' tuition). 


During the Intermediate level courses, you will have the opportunity of a one-to-one with a native French speaker who will not have the ability to speak any English. The experience will allow you to practise your French in a real life situation. 


During the beginners weekend course, you will have the opportunity to practise you French at the local market. You will be given a shopping list of local produce to buy from local  market sellers.


The classroom sessions are delivered in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, but are intensive.  The main objective being to develop your confidence when speaking French. The lessons include a combination of activities, role play and formal teaching. 


Class sizes are kept small to allow for one-to-one support when required. 


You will be involved in the lesson from the beginning  and will have plenty of opportunity to practise your communication skills. There are role play and pair work exercises, combined with more traditional teaching methods.


Although the lessons are purposeful, they are also relaxed and you will not be made to feel embarrassed in any way.  


On request, the weekend course can be extended further by one day  to allow for extra individual support. This may be of particular interest to students working towards an examination.



Daily Format


During a typical day,  breakfast and refreshments will be served from 8.30 am in the Old Cottage, and class will commence at 9.15 am. During the day you will spend approximately 5 hours in the classroom (a lounge with comfy chairs). 


Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and the class will break for lunch at 12.45 pm. Lunch will be served in the Old Cottage. Lessons will recommence in the afternoon at 2.00 pm and finish at 4.30 pm.


After the evening meal at the restaurant (or self-cater if you prefer), the Old Cottage will be open until 11.30pm for drinks and relaxed conversation (optional).  





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