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Beginners/ Elementary French



Course dates


Weekend (15 hours)


The Beginners/ Elementary French course is ideal for those with no French, or with a very basic level of spoken French. The lessons are focused, but taught in a relaxing and non-threatening way, making the whole experience very enjoyable. 



"1st class course. Great fun - very relaxed but much ground covered. Benefited from the small class - no place to hide! Thanks to your good self and to your family. I look forward to further progress." (Mr K, from Ireland).






"Cathy is very informative and helpful during the lessons. The lessons are conducted in a very pleasant atmosphere. The market activity was a good idea to build confidence and communication with real people in real situations, enabling us to assess how we are progressing. The final extra day was very worthwhile. Thank you" (Mr W, from Yorkshire)



On request, the 3 day beginners course can be extended by one day to allow for extra individual support. This may be of particular interest to students with specific learning needs, eg. working towards an examination and work related requirements.





"Very professionally run course. Would love to do it every week. Would recommend it to my friends and family." (Mrs G, from London)



Market Activity


"Very useful - great for confidence - good fun!" 

(Mrs G, from London)



During the Beginners course, there will be a activity carried out at the local village market, which will give you the opportunity to practise the French you have learned in the classroom, to a real life situation.



"Un kilo de pommes, s'il vous plaît."






"Je voudrais un pain de mie tranché."






"Une botte de radis, s'il vous plaît."





The teaching sessions will include a combination of activities, role play and formal teaching. 


The teaching sessions described below are examples only, and the actual course structure may vary from program to program.



Lesson 1/  


Making general conversation, eg. the weather, introducing yourself, how you ask simple questions of others and explain simple facts about your life. This session focuses on the very basics required to begin a conversation in French. 


Lesson 2/      


The session may involve role play and you will learn how ask simple questions, enquiries such as booking a table in a restaurant, ordering food and drinks, making an appointment, asking the person to speak slower, etc.


Lesson 3/  


This is a very general focus which will help you when visiting the doctor, chemist, or dentist.  The session may involve light hearted role play of real life situations such as a visit to the local GP.


Lesson 4/    


The aim is to build your confidence when out and about in France interacting with French people. Constructing simple and useful phrases which can be used at the local market, supermarket and shops.


Lesson 5/       


This session will focus on practical matters such as dealing with local services, garages, a visit to the post office, bank, etc.



All students are presented with a certificate of completion at the end of the course





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